5 types of jobs people who love art should have

Many people all across the world have artistic personalities and love everything about art. Although it’s great to be artistic, it can also make working a monotonous, boring office job feel like an oppressive workspace. Luckily for these people, there are quite a few jobs that welcome creative people and encourage them to use it to make a living off of. Here are the top 5 jobs that are best suited to art lovers.

Graphic designer

This job is best suited for introverts who have the ability to understand, design, and produce graphics that can catch people’s eyes. Graphic designers are highly sought after and can be employed to make pictures in practically every industry and with so many businesses now moving to a more online platform, they are more important than ever in marketing and advertising for those companies.

Social media and marketing specialist

This job is not for the faint-hearted as it requires a lot of work and time researching the latest trends. What they do is create a social media presence for a company and use that to spearhead marketing on online platforms. Social media specialists will, of course, have to know the ins and outs of all the major platforms, but will also need to be creative in how they make a business’s presence feel fresh and unique while keeping them relevant.

5 types of jobs people who love art should have

Visual merchandiser

For anyone who loves fashion and has an eye for style, this job is for you! Visual merchandisers create 3D and 2D displays for retail stores as a form of marketing to maximize sales. Creating interesting graphics and storefronts is what they spend most of their time doing but often branch out into more broad areas of advertising too. They work for high-end stores and smaller shops as well and can work across all industries within retail. This is a career that can be very rewarding if you are an artistic person.

Makeup artist

Makeup artists specialize in making anyone look their absolute best. This involves making their best features stand out and shine and although this may sound really easy, it actually takes a lot of training and skill to do properly. They have to learn how to work with different skin types, textures, face shapes, and features if they want to succeed in this industry. Some of the best artists can even go on to work with big-name brands and celebrities all over the world. Makeup artists are also frequently used in theatrical productions and some even specialize in practical effects. Overall this job is a very rewarding one but definitely requires lots of skill and artistic ability to create.

Event planner

Creating an event that everyone will remember definitely requires an artist twist, and that’s where event planners come in. Designing parties takes a lot of time, organizing and collaboration so this job is key to making everything work together to produce a great time. Most event planners love their job because the work is so rewarding and every event is different from the last, so they are constantly becoming more and more creative. Deadlines are of course a big thing they have to consider but if you can work with that you’ll be able to make many connections with so many people.

5 types of jobs people who love art should have