Morning routines that will pay off

It’s true that if you start your day off right then it will set you up for a great day, and as much as sometimes we simply wake up on the wrong side of the bed, there are plenty of things you can do daily to create a routine which will help you start every day on the right foot.

Don’t be alarmed

Starting your day with a blaring alarm shouting at you to get out of bed is a surefire way to have a little grump in your step! Some apps will track your sleep and wake you up gently in the lightest part of your sleep cycle, when it is much easier. If you are using an alarm on your phone, opt for a song that makes you instantly happy, but try to mix it up regularly to avoid growing to hate the song. Try not to rely on the snooze button, as you will feel increasingly groggy.


Make your bed

It’s tedious, but you will notice the difference making your bed has on you once you have been doing it for a week or so. It starts the day off right as you have already achieved something immediately, which is a great feeling. It also makes your room look tidier, and will help you resist the urge to crawl back into bed!

Practice gratefulness

A fantastic way to start the day is to write down three things that you are grateful for every single morning. You can get lovely journals to do this in if that’s your bag, but just a regular notebook will work too – it’s more about what you write in it. It can be about friends and family, your good health, or something exciting that you are looking forward to.

Welcome the day

It might sound a little hippy, but by opening your curtains mindfully, taking a second to breathe in deeply as you do so, and thinking about the possibilities that lie ahead with a new day is a lovely way to do a necessary task. You could even include a mantra here, such as ‘I am going to make today great.’


Drink water

Before you reach for your morning cup of joe, be sure to down a glass of water. This will kickstart all your bodily functions and be sure that you start the day hydrated. Plus, it is one glass towards the eight-glass minimum that we all should (but probably are not) be drinking every day.


You don’t have to head to the gym and start an intense circuit session, but even just a short stretch sequence or 10 minutes of yoga will do your body and mind the world of good. Remember that exercise releases endorphins, so it is a little kick of happiness for the morning.

Set some intentions

We are all pretty good at writing to do lists which seem to be never-ending, no matter how productive you are, but setting intentions is a different vibe. What do you want to have achieved from the day when you climb into bed? Perhaps it’s making some lovely memories with your children, or feeling more ready for a trip ahead. Don’t just focus on your to do list, as we so often do.

It takes 21 days to turn something into a habit, so once you find the morning routine that really works for you, stick at it and see how it changes your life!