Lifestyle blogs that you should follow

Blogs are a great way of learning new things, whether that’s a food blog with ideas for recipes, a mommy blog with top tips for weaning, or a travel blog giving you ultimate wanderlust. One genre that encompasses everything is a lifestyle blog, in which the author documents their personal interests and daily activities for others to read. Here are some lifestyle blogs that are the ultimate #goals.


Elizabeth’s mission is all about how to live a good life, and she invites her readers to come along on the journey with her, taking a holistic look at life and self-care. Some of her best posts include ‘43 positive mantras that will change your life’. ‘7 reasons why I’m no longer talking about my body’ and ‘100 ways to practice self-care’. She’s a total girl boss and this is definitely one to read if you’re looking for some inspiration.



Multi-award-winning blogger, Youtuber and now author, Victoria is one of the biggest and best bloggers in the game right now. She is even a Beauty Ambassador for L’Oreal Paris, and Feelunique, as well as working with the Prince’s Trust as well as brands from Ted Baker and Charlotte Tilbury, to HP and Google! She writes about fashion, beauty, wellbeing, and travel, with posts about how exercise can help with mental health, the newest swimwear brands and living in the moment.

Hannah Gale

Hannah’s blog is so deliciously binge-able, featuring nostalgic lists about growing up in the noughties, fashion hauls, and even more serious topics like her own mental health. She aims to make readers feel as though they are not alone, whether that be when she’s talking about pregnancy and motherhood, her favorite TV shows, or even just things that have made her cry recently. It’s like having a chat with your best friend. Really!

Garcon a la mode

Proving that it’s not just women who hold the monopoly on lifestyle blogging, Perkens is all about etiquette, personal style and living his best life. Whether that be staying in the Four Seasons in New York, showcasing the best menswear gifts for the holidays, or just generally looking super suave in a suit. If your boyfriend thinks that blogs are only for girls, point him towards Garcon a la mode, and watch him change his tune!



Codie is a twenty-something new mom, who posts about some pretty serious topics, but with a hilarious point of view. It’s like having a few drinks on the couch with your best oversharing friend, and feeling less bad about your own embarrassments in comparison! Check out her posts about feeling awkward at the hairdressers, the importance of love languages, and trying to be more eco-friendly. This is one of those blogs that you’ll quickly become addicted to.


Courtney is quirky, fun and loveable, and every post on her blog mirrors that. She lives in New York City with her adorable dog Waffles. One of the best things about her blog is the incredible photography. Each picture of Courtney is so colorful (as you’d imagine from her blog name!) and fun. Whether she is in Disneyland or rocking ugly Christmas sweaters. We challenge you not to fall in love with Courtney!

So next time you’re feeling bored, or in need of a little life inspiration, check out one of these. You’ll soon be binging lifestyle blogs, for sure.