Great ways to curl your hair

There’s no denying the beauty of curly hair.  Whether it’s loose wavy curls or tight ringlets, a head of curly, bouncy hair is easier to achieve than it seems. So, here are 5 different methods to achieve the perfect curls you desire!

Hot rollers

These are a classic way of curling hair with the extra benefit of being hands-free once the rollers are in, which gives more freedom to multitask and get ready quicker. Begin by heating the rollers, and while waiting, apply a heat protectant in your hair. Divide your hair into one-inch sections and place the roller a few inches from your roots, slowly wrapping your hair evenly around the roller and gently rolling the roller toward your scalp. Clip the roller in place. Repeat this process until all the sections have been rolled and clipped down. After the recommended time – you’ll find this on the packaging of the rollers – remove them to reveal your gorgeous curls, then gently brush your fingers through them for a more natural, softer look.

5 Ways to curl your hair

Curling wand

This is one of the most popular ways to curl hair because it requires one tool. Curling wands are available online or at many beauty stores. The first step is taking a section of hair. Smaller sections take longer but give the curls more definition. Place the curling wand at the root without touching the scalp directly. Slowly wrap the section of hair around the wand and wait a few seconds to allow the hair to set with the heat of the wand. Release hair from the wand to reveal the curl.

Repeat the process of sectioning, wrapping, and releasing throughout your hair. Larger wands will give looser curls and smaller wands will give tighter curls. Section your hair according to the style you desire, whether it is beachy waves or victorian ringlets.

Foam rollers

This is a pretty simple technique and can be used heat-free as well. Section your hair like you would with the heat rollers, and apply the roller at the end of your hair. Slowly roll the hair around the roller to the root, making sure it wraps evenly and smoothly, and then clip the rollers into place. Repeat until all sections of hair are rolled. These curls will need time to form and so you can put them in overnight and remove the curlers the next morning.

Overnight twists

Another heat-free and easy way to achieve natural-looking curls is the overnight twist method. Take a one-inch section of hair and begin to twist it by holding the ends and turning the hair clockwise while holding it tight. Once a full twist is formed, twist it again to form a tiny bun on your head. Pin the bun into place and repeat the process till all your hair is twisted. Now for the easiest step, wrap your hair in a silk scarf and get to sleep. In the morning, release your twists to reveal tight, natural-looking curls.

5 Ways to curl your hair

Flat iron

This is a multipurpose tool that provides wonderful results. To curl your hair, take a section and gently clamp the straightener, smoothing out the root. Simply twist the straightener at a 180° angle and gently pull it down the length of your hair. Once the hair is released, twist the curl around your finger to keep the hold.