How to be a fashion icon on Instagram

Instagram is currently one of, if not the fastest, growing social media platforms. So, it makes sense why so much money and time goes into investing in the app. In 2018 alone large brands worldwide spent $5.67 billion on marketing influencers, so there’s definitely some money and fame to be made using Instagram and here’s how to do it!

The profile

In order to become an icon the first step is to get your name out there. First, pick your niche and stick with it. There are plenty of fashion influencers on the platform so it’s important to find where to fit in and what makes unique content that people want to see. The niche needs to be a passionate one, otherwise, you won’t want to spend time on Instagram. Stick to that topic and spend time researching it. Then create a bio, this is where the fine-tuning comes in. The bio needs to be eye-catching and engaging with the potential audience. Keep it simple, to the point, and honest.

How to be a fashion icon on Instagram

Start sharing

Now begin sharing your content over posts, stories, and comments. Also, remember to post frequently. Like with any other job, work needs to be put into making this content interesting. And, always remember to be genuine. When it comes to the Instafeed, make sure it’s appealing to viewers, most large influencers edit their photos so that there is a common thread that links them all. Using a uniform color, style, or composition will make the feed look professional. There are also some easy to use programs like VSCO and Lightroom to make photos look great.

Get serious

If accumulating a large following is the goal then lots of work has to be put in. There’s also an easy way to attract new followers, and that’s hashtags. Instagram allows 30 hashtags on each post but it is not a good idea to put that many as you will then have to compete with more people, instead use the right hashtags that will interest the type of people who will follow you. It’s also a good idea to get a business account to track analytics which makes it easier to see who the best demographic’s are to target for future posts.

Follower engagement

Once you have a following it’s important to keep them interested in your content, and so using stories is a necessity. Instagram stories lets you talk and quickly engage a little more with your viewers; it is a powerful tool to keep audiences entertained. Using call to action tabs in captions encourage people to talk about posts. Hosting giveaways and contests attracts new audiences, polls let people share their thoughts, and following similar accounts can begin to create a community that will bridge people from all over the world.

How to be a fashion icon on Instagram

Contact brands

After you are well acquainted with the ins and outs of the platform and have a sizable group of followers it’s time to go to the next level, sponsorship. The easiest way to get sponsorships is to just contact them and ask, but always keep them related to your fashion niche. There are also plenty of websites to help get sponsorships like Grin, TRIBE, HYPR, TapInfluence, and InsightPool.