Decorating your home to your personality

Figuring out how to make any space truly fit your personality may be a hassle from the little things such as the colors on the wall down to the furniture in the dining area. A sense of belonging is what every human being needs. Soul-searching may be needed in order to figure out who exactly we are and what we like. We should not let a home without character dim the entire living space. So, check out these five tips and unearth a whole new different living space.

A little bit of color never hurt anyone

Every individual has a color that best describes the type of person they are. Be careful not to go overboard and simply manipulate the space by adding a few pieces of furniture that fit in without ruining the entire setting of the space. A few examples could be the use of throw pillows or a fleece covering the edge of the bed to add a pop of color. Cool colors are calming, but warm colors are cozy.

Decorating your home to your personality

Showcase achievements and accomplishments earned

At some point, we have all been recognized for certain skills we possess, from that little participatory award that everyone received in elementary school to a creative writing certificate in high school. Be sure to include all your awards and certificates that were collected over the years and place them where it will be easiest for people to see. This gives the home a personal touch but also brings you joy. Prepare to receive loads of praise just by hanging these awards up and bask in it. Hard work and participation pay off!

DIY is the new trend

For all the do-it-yourselfers out there and those that aren’t, this would be a great way of personalizing a home. Pieces and crafts built from any material are a great way to personalize any space. DIY pieces are often unique, be it a picture frame built from the branches of a tree in the back yard or collage filled with photos of friends and family members. These are bound to expose the creative alter ego within.

Art makes everything and anything personal

Art has a way of transforming even the dullest of spaces. It does not necessarily have to be professional artwork. The inclusion of a family members’ pieces can make a difference as it could be used to showcase the family-oriented side of an individual. Art can influence the atmosphere of a home since people have different personalities and interests. But try to stick to art that will not emit an unwelcoming aura even for the dweller. Either colorful or neutral based, you can never go wrong with art.

Decorating your home to your personality

Stating interests without uttering a single word

Of course, we all have a few different things we like. A great way of personalizing a home would be through those little things that we enjoy. Big on reading? Get an amazing shelf that will do justice to the number of books you have read. A music lover? Put those classic CDs on display. Sports fanatic? Get those signed footballs and baseball bats out!
A person’s home is a sacred space that allows for free expression without judgment and, at the end of the day, humans do what makes them happy. Do not suppress that bubbly or reserved personality and allow it to reach its full potential and shine all over your home. If it satisfies the soul, do it!