Blogs every interior design fan should follow

The best artists never refuse inspiration from others. Especially for interior design, it is important to stay on top of the latest trends and always be inspired for when the next project comes along. Blogs are a great way to do this, and here are some of the best blogs to follow for endless interior design content.

5 blogs every interior design fan should follow

All Sorts Of

This blog is written by the L.A based interior designer Amber Lewis and it’s great for any level of interior designer from beginner to expert. The blog gives great design tips that everyone could use and each post is filled with great advice. There are also sneak peeks into Amber’s design process, which could be helpful for the projects where you don’t even know where to start. Amber even includes other people who inspire her, which helps to see who the best of the best in interior design is. Amber loves crisp white rooms with pops of texture and rustic pieces. If this is your style, give her blog a follow.


The blog was started to document Cassandra LaValle’s design process, but has expanded to offer inspiration galore. She blogs about fashion, lifestyle, and even travel but her interior design posts are great sources of advice and information. She describes her own style as ‘west-coast refined’ which includes clean lines and trendy pieces. She also documents projects done under her company Emerald Studio, which is great to inspire those interior designers who are looking to make a style portfolio.

Wit & Delight

For the interior designers that lean into DIY projects and love a homey feel, this blog is the perfect source of inspiration. Kate Arends is a Minneapolis-based interior designer that is loved for her practical style. She doesn’t sugar coat life and makes spaces that are tailored to the busy moms of the world. She also writes about wellness and food. Arends also showcases brands, which can be useful for knowing which brands are on-trend and reliable. If the blog isn’t enough, she also has a podcast to listen to as well.

5 blogs every interior design fan should follow


The next blog is all the way in Brooklyn, New York and this gives the designer behind it an urban feel. Athena Calderone writes the blog with the entertainer in mind. Life revolves around what is going on at home for Athena. She loves a space that can entertain but still be cozy and practical. Her blog isn’t just about dining rooms and kitchens, it’s also about the parties she hosts. She is a home chef, so she knows the best cooking methods along with the best way to present a meal. Her stylish lifestyle is not only a great way to see eye-catching designs, but also a good way to learn more about the functionality of a space.

Old Brand New

This blog is a great stop for all things art. Dabito, the maker of the blog, is a jack of all trades as he does graphic design, interior design, photography, and art direction. So if you’re looking for a blog filled with creativity, this is it. His designs are colorful, fun, and easy on the eye, making the blog a joy to follow. The best part is that every project he does is meticulously documented so all parts of the designing process are there for you to peruse.