The Danish art of ‘Hygge’

With Denmark regularly winning the title of happiest country in the world, it is no wonder that we all want to know what their secret to happiness is. It would appear that the art of hygge may just be the key to leading a happy life. But, what exactly is hygge, and how can it help you lead a bliss filled life?

What Is Hygge?

The Danish word hygge, basically means a feeling of coziness. This idea of feeling cozy, ties in with the idea of well-being, which is what creates happiness. Essentially, we all want to feel at peace with ourselves, which ultimately, leads to living a life that is free of stress, and full of contentment. The difficult part though, is learning exactly how to practice the concept of hygge, to achieve your own happy life.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Danish art of ‘Hygge’

Getting Started

The most basic concept of hygge, is the idea that life should be lived simply. This means, that you may need to disconnect from the world for a bit to achieve this feeling of contentment. Hygge is not based on wealth, even though Denmark is considered to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Hygge is basically living the simple life. To get started, you can put away your phone, turn off your television, and your laptop. From there, contemplate what makes you happy. If you enjoy cooking, perhaps consider making a lasagna, and while it is cooking, select a good book you have been waiting to read, and simply sit back and enjoy the quiet. Simple acts like this, along with playing a board game, or going for a long walk, are ways to achieve hygge.

Creating The Setting

Danes themselves, also associate hygge with specific items, that work to create this feeling of contentment. That means you may need to purchase, or make a few items, to help you on your path to contentment. Candles seem to be a big factor, or a fire. This lowlight creates a soothing ambience, and when combined with warm blankets, or wooly socks, that feeling of coziness tends to make people happy. Comfortable clothing is also a must. You should not wear anything that feels constricting, such as tight jeans or shirts. Athleisure wear, or sweatpants tend to make a person feel more at ease, which also contributes to the feeling of hygge.

Indulge Yourself

Being on a restricted diet, which does not let you eat anything indulgent like cake, red meat, or drinking things like hot chocolate, can create feelings of unhappiness. While you are relaxing in your leisure wear, with candles flickering around you, you should consider what you want to eat. If you love a good piece of cake, or a meat-laden dinner with a lot of carbs, then you should be eating this. Restricting yourself from things you love on a daily basis does not foster feelings of coziness, and contentment. Consider treating yourself on the weekends, when you are practicing hygge.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Danish art of ‘Hygge’

After practicing hygge for awhile, you will begin to see your daily mood improve, along with feelings of contentment. Disconnecting from the world, in favor of spending time with loved ones, and doing quiet activities are just what we need in this connected world. Now, go and embrace hygge, and get back to basics.