Feng Shui tips that you need to know

You have likely heard of the Chinese principle of Feng Shui, but you might not know what it is and how you can implement it into your own home. The belief is that the way you lay out your home can affect the energy, or chi, that flows through it, and therefore your life. Luckily, there are some simple ways you can incorporate good Feng Shui into your home without having to study the ancient art!

Clear the clutter

This is an obvious one, but also one of the most important. When you keep clutter and junk lying around, not only do you make life harder for yourself to find things when you need them, and make your house look messier, but it also has the capacity to hold you back emotionally. Clear your mind by clearing out those things you no longer need.

Feng Shui tips that you need to know

Keep your wealth in

One of the most basic tips is to simply ensure that you always keep the toilet lid down, and the bathroom door closed. In Chinese tradition, water is connected to wealth and so by keeping the door closed and the lid down, you are stopping your money from being flushed away.

Slow the energy flow

According to Feng Shui, if you have a direct path between the front and back doors of your house, the chi will be flowing too fast through it, which is not ideal. Of course, you can’t just change the structure of your home, so to deal with this lay down a patterned rug, or perhaps a round coffee table towards the entryway to help disperse the energy more evenly throughout the whole house.

Reflect and project

Natural light is one of the best things you can have in your home, and when you can’t just create more windows, mirrors are the solution. However, be sure to check what the mirrors are going to be reflecting, to project the right things into your home. Place the mirrors so that they reflect open spaces or beautiful views.

Feng Shui tips that you need to know

Keep the doorway clear

Of course, as much as you don’t want the energy rushing out, it’s essential to help it get in first! Keep your front door in good condition, with good lighting, and on the inside, try to keep the path clear. If you are physically walking straight into a wall, you will feel that way metaphorically, too. Hang a mirror on the wall to create space and set an intention to connect to it. Whenever you see the mirror, remind yourself of your intention.

Those who study and believe in the power of Feng Shui feel that some of the emotional issues in our lives can be fixed or healed by looking at the placement of things in our home. For example, if you are someone who struggles to find love and find themselves perpetually single, look at the symbolism in your home. Do you have lots of single items – chairs on their own, etc? If you struggle with your self-esteem, it could be that your mirrors are placed too high, making you feel as though you can’t ‘measure up’. If your brain feels messy and you struggle to find clarity, you may need to clear your surfaces of everything that has built upon them.

Make a few small changes and see what effect they have on your life – you’ll be hooked!