Healthy foods that will keep you younger

We all know which foods are good for us, healthy green vegetables, fresh fish, and nuts. But there are some foods that contain vital vitamins and materials as well as other lesser-known nutrients, like antioxidants and healthy fats, which can make you feel and look great for years to come.


Although this food may not be for everyone, there is scientific research that has proven a strong link between oysters and their ability to make people look great. Oysters have been shown to help reduce muscle loss that is age-related. The food is also packed full of zinc, a mineral that converts vitamin A into a usable form that is transported through the blood to the eyes where it helps to maintain vision. It is a great source of protein for muscles in general and recent studies have also found that zinc can slow down the progression of degeneration of the muscles.

5 healthy foods that will keep you younger

Cheddar cheese

For all the cheese lovers, this one’s for you! Cheddar cheese has recently shown that it can help keep smiles and teeth looking great. This food works by combating the body’s natural degeneration – it does this by keeping the mouth’s pH levels stable. Eating cheddar has shown to balance the pH levels of an individual’s mouths to the same level that brushing would have. It also helps to fend off an acidic environment in the mouth which directly prevents the destruction of teeth by cavities. The compounds in the cheese adhere to the enamel on teeth and defend acid build-up, helping you to maintain a crisp smile.


These tiny fish are filled with calcium and vitamin D, both of which help to build and strengthen the skeleton. They have been linked to helping prevent osteoporosis – keeping your body healthy right down to the bone. This food is one of the best ways to get your calcium intake that doesn’t involve dairy. There are many types of canned sardines, which are much easier to eat, and remember that those tiny bones are where all the calcium comes from, even if it is hard to swallow. They are also easy to prepare fresh, just add cucumber, feta, olives, tomatoes, and vinegar on a bed of leafy greens and there’s a quick and easy meal done!


They may be a bit hard to get into, but within walnuts there are a large variety of omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and other vitamins. They can combat and prevent heart disease, like strokes and heart attacks. Researchers worldwide have discovered that consuming a handful of walnuts every day can cut down heart-related diseases by up to 40%. They go great in salads but are just as tasty by themselves.

5 healthy foods that will keep you younger

Sweet Potatoes

We all dread losing that bright glow that we had when we were young, but luckily for us, regaining that golden shine can be done by just eating the right vegetables and fruits. Leading researchers have found that eating more portions of red and orange vegetables per day can help individuals maintain a brighter complexion. There are also disease-fighting carotenoids embedded in the food, and these compounds, which give the foods their color, can prevent skin aging as well as certain diseases and sweet potatoes are one of the best vegetables to do just this.