Fashion trends from the ‘90s that are making a comeback

The ’90s was a great time for fashion and it introduced us to so many fashion icons like the Spice Girls and Britney Spears. There were many outfits, items, and aesthetics that became super popular. However, towards the 2000s they seemed to have lost their charm and disappeared. Recently, however, they have made a comeback. Here are the best trends that have returned from the ‘90s.

Fashion trends from the ‘90s that are making a comeback


‘90s style scrunchies have made a huge comeback lately and it’s safe to say that everyone loves them. They look great and they come in so many colors, so they go with everything.  They  are way better than normal elastics because they are gentler on the hair and tend to snap a lot less. There are new scrunchies that are made of satin so they are very comfortable. The variety of colors also makes it easier to coordinate outfits and achieve the best look possible.

Mini backpacks

Back in the ’90s, these miniature backpacks were everywhere and people loved them. They come in almost any color or pattern you could want- from leopard print to matte black and all shades in between. If you look on social media, there are countless influencers that have multiple bags just like these, so it looks like they are making a return to mainstream fashion. They are also very useful, especially when worn with something that has no pockets because they are so compact that they will never get in the way.

Clunky sneakers

Clunky sneakers were once on the feet of every cool kid across the world and can best be described as a great example of ‘ugly-cute’. They come in many varieties from extremely colorful to simple monotones and have a super-thick sole to give you some extra height. Another great thing about these shoes is that they will go with almost any ensemble imaginable and are really easy to clean and maintain. Recently, major fashion and sport retailers have made some new clunky sneakers that look great.


As a kid, everyone probably had more than a few pairs of overalls, and they are really practical because they can be easily cleaned and last for a long time. But they also look fabulous on adults, and there are a lot of colors to choose from nowadays. The metal clasps, bib, and rugged look make for a great casual, off-duty look. Modern overalls choose to focus a little less on practicality and more on looser silhouettes and a clean aesthetic and can be worn with a simple top and sneakers to look great.

Fashion trends from the ‘90s that are making a comeback

Moon bags

Love them or hate them, it’s undeniable that these once-beloved belt bags have made a return in a big way. This time the moon bags are looking to make a statement though, with most people now wearing them across their chest instead of the hips and they actually look really good. While making for a great addition to an outfit, these small bags are actually quite nifty and functional as they are lightweight, hands-free, and can carry a surprising amount of stuff inside. Nowadays, they come in multiple styles and some are made of high-quality leather and cotton which make them very comfortable.