DIY fashion hacks that will update your wardrobe

We all have clothes that we sometimes feel could do with a bit of updating. Perhaps, you have a dress that does not look as fashionable as it did when you bought it a couple of years ago. You may not be ready to part with it just yet, and you definitely shouldn’t! There are a lot of simple DIY fashion hacks that you can make use of, to update your wardrobe. In a matter of minutes, you can go from an old piece of clothing, to one that is completely new.

DIY fashion hacks that will update your wardrobe

A Homemade Bodysuit

Bodysuits are great pieces of clothing to wear and to own. They are very easy to wear with pants and skirts, as they do not bunch up under the fabric, the way a regular top does. If you have an old t-shirt dress that you no longer wear, but is still a color you like, then you should definitely convert it into a trendy bodysuit. You will need chalk, a sewing kit, and scissors to convert it. Try the dress on, and then decide where you want the dress to be cut to on your hips. Do you want it to be high cut, or low cut? After you have decided this, use chalk to mark on the dress where you will want to cut it. Another great way to make sure you get the fit just right, is to use a bodysuit you already own, and place that on top of the dress. Then, you can simply cut around the lower half of it, to get that perfect fit. You can also opt for the backless look, and make one more cutout. Once you are finished with that, you can simply sew the seam at the bottom of the suit together, to be pulled on like a bathing suit.

The T-shirt Bucket Bag

If you have a lot of old t-shirts with cool patterns, then they can easily be turned into bucket bags. All you need is a t-shirt, a belt or an old purse strap, and a piece of string. Turn the t-shirt inside out, and at the base of the shirt, tie the piece of string around it. The higher up you tie it, the smaller the bag, the lower you tie it, the bigger the bag. Then, flip the t-shirt right side out. The strap will need to be fed through each sleeve, and then attached together to form a loop. Now, your bucket bag is ready to be worn on a night out.

DIY fashion hacks that will update your wardrobe

A Halter Dress

Last, but not least, if you have a pair of old gaucho pants that you tend not to wear, these can be turned into a halter dress. All you need to do is lay the pants on a flat surface. Then, with a pair of scissors, simply select one leg of the pants. Starting at the inseam on the inside of the pant leg, cut the leg in a crescent shape. Now, take the newly cut pant leg, and lay it down with the crescent shape facing towards you. From there, take your scissors out once more. Simply cut a shallow line across the top, this will be your halter neck. The pants are now a dress, and you can slip this little number on for a warm fall evening.

Never let clothing go to waste, it can always be turned into something new!