What you can do with your old clothes

Oftentimes it may be difficult to let go of those clothes that take up much-needed space inside the closet. The stress of clearing out a closet and not knowing where to put the wearables and non-wearables can be very stressful and time-consuming. There are several ways we can get rid of clothes, whether they are old or new, in a fun and helpful way to assist in organizing not only the closet but your daily life too. Here are the five tips on cleaning out your closet and reducing the load on shelves that could come in handy during a time of complete desperation.


Clothes considered to be old at times may be in very good condition to the extent that, if donated, another person could possibly find a good use for them. This is because most of the time there is a large number of people that cannot afford basics such as jeans and t-shirts. Charity shops, Goodwill, and animal shelters would be a good place to donate and this could be done directly or through a thrift store. Even though the closet is half empty, your heart will be filled to the brim by doing this small act of good karma.

What to do with your old clothes

DIY, personalized fashion and more

In these times, DIY is highly accepted and done by millions of people who use it as a form of expression. The act of creating something new out of something old gives you a sense of fulfillment. The DIY trend is endless and unlimited, and the crafts can range from everyday clothing to the creation of children’s toys through sock puppets, handbags, and beanies. It also allows for great family bonding sessions and skill development for everyone if the DIYs are done together. DIY it and feel like a brand-new person inside and out as it’s an easy way of showcasing personality through what you are wearing.

Turn rags to more rags

Some clothes are not worthy of being classified as clothes anymore. These are the kinds that are most difficult to get rid of. Therefore, instead of simply shoving them inside a dumpster or a corner in the bedroom until they find their way back into your closet, turn them into rags. The old t-shirts torn beyond recognition could be used as rags to soak up all annoying coffee stains or spilled drinks on your favorite table, countertop or even your wooden floors. They can be used to dust off cobwebs and wash cars. Just cut up your old t-shirts and you have a whole new set of rags.

What to do with your old clothes

Do the right thing and recycle

Most products and materials that we now use are now recyclable. So are the clothes that we wear, instead of setting them on fire that could result in harming the planet further, choose the alternative option of recycling. The Blue Jeans Go Green program could be a good place to have old clothes recycled, but most schools and community centers have recycling initiatives too. Be a part of those who contribute to saving the planet while getting rid of unwanted clothes and recycle.

Do not let old clothes take control of your life. Instead, get involved in different initiatives that allow for the sustainable use of these old clothes while having fun and protecting the planet.