Fashion trends from the ‘80s that are making a comeback

The decade starting on January 1, 1980, is known for many things, from its bright, vivid colors to its extreme fashion and big hair. The ‘80s was full of interesting and unique fashion designs. Many agree that although those designs were cool for the time, they were quite wacky. But there are more than a few trends that have made a resurgence as of late. Here are a few of them.

Fashion trends from the ‘80s that are making a comeback


This material was huge in the 80s and was used in everything from sweaters to tracksuits. It’s a velvety, stretchy material that looks great and its cotton fabric makes it very comfortable all year round. One of the big reasons it blew up was its versatility and diverse appeal; catering for both men and women’s fashion. As of late, the fabric has popped up in fashion shows in London and the USA. Even large luxury brands like Gucci have made baggy pants and other items from this material. Velour was big in the ‘80s and it looks like it’s here to stay.

Patchwork denim

This trend started in the ‘70s but carried on into the ‘80s where it made a statement and became a much-loved fabric of choice. It was the American aesthetic that drew in everyone to try on this rebellious unique look. Denim patchwork has made a return during the Stockholm fashion week and multiple brands, like Calvin Klein, have started to make denim skirts, jackets, and full outfits.


If you were around in the ‘80s, then you’ll know lamé as it was used on almost every prom dress and ballgown. For those unaware, lamé is a fabric that has been interwoven with gold or silver threads and looks like liquid metal flowing over someone and people used to love it. Lately, however, it has reappeared in fashion shows worldwide. Sometimes the lamé is just a section of the outfit and other times it’s the whole dress. Loveshockfancy has made a full lamé dress that is for sale complete with bright gold and ruffle details.

High-waist jeans

Most call them “mom jeans” today but back in the ‘80s these jeans were a favorite of every fashion designer. In many ways, these jeans evolved into the skinny, ripped, and baggy jeans that would come later but still have remained as a timeless fashion item. They are slightly baggy, high rise, and very blue.. Pairing them up with a plain shirt and high heels is a favorite combination of many fashion icons. They have also popped up at the Chromat show in 2017.

Fashion trends from the ‘80s that are making a comeback

Shoulder pads

This is probably the most typical ‘80s clothing item on this list and there’s a reason for that, they were huge! Not only in size but in popularity too. Women in all lines of work would have massive pads on skirt-suits, dresses, and even casual wear. No ‘80s look would be complete without them. Whether you like them or not, they appear to be growing in popularity. Modern takes on this ‘80s style  accentuate your shoulders, making them look chic. They have recently appeared at the Louis Vuitton runway show and people are loving it!