5 beauty blogs you should follow

Media about beauty care and beauty products is everywhere nowadays, from vlogs to TV to social media and more, so there’s a lot to choose from. One of the best ways to keep up to date with all things beauty related is to follow the best blogs, and luckily for you, we’ve found the best ones around!


PixiWoo is run by sisters Sam and Nic Chapman, both of which are professional makeup artists. Their website has everything from video tutorials, the best products to buy, as well as tips and tricks on general stuff like daily skincare routines and behind the scenes content. Their blogs also go into some serious detail as they talk about the best color combinations for specific skin types and all the newest products and technology for the best looks. They both have lots of experience in the industry, so they know what they are talking about.

5 beauty blogs you should follow


She is a makeup artist who has worked with everyone, from A-listers on the red carpet to the biggest beauty brands around. Lisa Eldridge is the master of fresh-faced makeup looks, and if you are looking for the best video blogs on all things makeup, she is the place to go. Her Instagram is also very active and she does frequent giveaways on her website. There are links to purchase the most gorgeous lipsticks and jewelry as well. She also covers healthy living articles too and discusses products and skincare in great detail.


Caroline Hirons is one of the leading bloggers when it comes to all things skincare as she had to deal with issues like acne and milia from a young age. In-depth looks into her favorite products and the ingredients she uses are all over her website. She uses only the best products and has even written a book about caring for your skin that is available for pre-order now. On the website, there are also newsletters to sign up for as well as many products to buy to support her. Caroline has challenges to take part in and also has many vlogs available too!


This is the best place to get the latest, honest reviews on all products. Jane Cunningham heads up the website and is obsessed with color swatches, all the newest stories and everything else that’s beauty-related. On her website, you can find the most modern products for skin, nails, hair, and makeup, she even covers the best fragrances and scents. She has countless blogs and vlogs discussing colors, tones, and makeup equipment and if you still need more of Jane she posts regularly on Instagram as well!

5 beauty blogs you should follow


Ruth Crilly is a fashion model that does it all. Aside from her modeling career, she has a master’s degree, beauty blogs, parenting blogs, and a keen eye for all things fashion. Her content provides a real look into what it’s like to be a professional model and mother and you can expect plenty of blogs about both. Ruth also covers other topics like food, skincare routines, and vlogs. She is also active on almost all social media platforms, so there’s plenty of her to go around. Her vlogs are particularly insightful as they show her audience what it really like to be a working mother of two.